Areas of expertise

Trigone Lawyers is

3 areas of expertise

Advice to enterprises

Trigone Lawyers can advise you in large range of typical HR matters 

Individual case management

  • Recruitment 
  • Employment contract lifecycle (geograpahic and functional mobility of the employee, build-up and use of annual leave, workplace accidents, occupational disease, sickness absence, absence without leave) 
  • Termination of employment contract (dismissal, redundancy, resignation, notification of termination by the employee) 

Employee relations management 

  • Professionnal elections
  • Preparation of collective status suited to the organisation’s goals 
  • Joint negotiations with trade unions and workforce representatives 
  • Management of contract lifecycle for protected employees 

Organisational restructures

  • Audit of HR matters 
  • GPEC (worforce planning) 
  • Collective performance agreements 
  • Voluntary severance planning 
  • Collective redundancies for financial reasons 
Litigation Lawyers in Lyon


Trigone Lawyers will represent you in any type of litigation related to employment law and social security 

  • Before the Labor Court
  • Before the judicial tribunal 

For any challenges in cases of professional elections, workplace accidents, occupational disease, URSSAF reviews (employee/employer contributions)

  • Before criminal jurisdictions 

In cases of criminal prosecution for breached of health and safety regulations, illegal work, obstruction to Works Council’s rights

  • Before administrative jurisdictions 

For any challenges relating to the protection of staff representatives

Training with Trigone Lawyers


Trigone Lawyers also provides expertise for learning and development

Celine Delannoy enjoys sharing her expertise and experience with all the stakeholders in the organisation (leaders, HR teams, payroll teams, managers)

She offers interventions and training events on specific topics at her clients’ requests (physical fitness issues, joint negotiations, disciplinary action, etc.) and can provide refresher training on the latest legal and judicial developments.

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